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For many years Maxi Cosi has been at the forefront of introducing the safest and most cutting edge child retainer technology in the Australian market. The introduction of Maxi Cosi's Air Protect in 2009 greatly enhanced side impact protection and in doing so redefined car seat protection for Australian parents.

Now Maxi Cosi's latest technological advancement, GCell is set to redefine child safety once again by offering support across the entire outside of your child's car seat shell in a tasteful and slim design.

Independently, Air Protect and GCell offer different side impact safety solutions for different parts of the body. Together Air Protect and GCell provide full body side impact protection helping to ensure your child is secured by the safest car seat available.

Superior side impact protection

Your precious cargo deserves the security provided by Maxi-Cosi's innovative Air Protect technology. Air Protect's cushions greatly reduce the impact of side impact collisions through the release of air.

By reducing crash forces around your child's head, Air Protect exceeds the most stringent safety standards and ensures the safety and comfort that your child deserves.

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Next Generation Crash Absorbing Technology

Maxi Cosi has introduced GCELL, a remarkable new technology inspired by mother nature. GCELL offers the greatest amount of stability and security for your child's seat.

Through the introduction of GCELL's patented hexagon technology, Maxi Cosi has once again redefined child safety giving Australian parents the assurance that they deserve.

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